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Were is Vol 3? It's a torrent-file of Vol-2, if i download [Yousei-raws] K-On (Vol 3) [BDrip 1920x1080 x264 Vorbis] (2.83 GB)!!!

Help pls! We need Vol 3! =)

I have the same problem, when I download the torrent for Vol 3, I instead get the torrent for Vol 2.

Please fix this :)

I see now! You just named the torrent wrong, so it actually IS the Vol.3 torrent. Thanks, it took me a long time to realize haha :)

Could someone please be so nice and seed this torrent?

umm I mean Vol 4 and 7. I just need the openings and endings :3

thaaaanks a lot for the seeding! :D


where is the vol.3?

Yeah, they just made a typo when naming the Vol.3 torrent.
Just open Vol.2 & 3 to confirm it.

Thank you for the release, but it would it would be great if someone is seeding these torrents....

[email protected]으로 좀 보내주세요
Vol.3=Vol.2가 같아서...

여기 사람들 한글 못알아먹는다고요?

영어나 쓰세요 무능력자씨.

Everybody, just ignore this fool please.

[email protected]으로 좀 보내주세요
Vol.3=Vol.2가 같아서...

[email protected]으로 좀 보내주세요
Vol.3=Vol.2가 같아서...

[email protected]으로 좀 보내주세요
Vol.3=Vol.2가 같아서...

Firstly thanks Yousei for producing such great works!
But there is a picture crack happening in episode 11(Vol.6) in 19:43(I have downloaded the file twice and both have the same problem).
Would you be kind enough to check and fix it to make perfect?
Thanks again!You guys are the best!

I'm kinda new to HQ raws/codecs, and I can't get the Japanese subtitles to work... Help please?
By the way, thank you very much for this!

Use VobSub or smth like that.

Non Vol.3

Could someone be so kind as to seed volume 3?

HI~~More speed for Vol.4,thanks a lot!!!

Will be redone in 10bit with better results as the Kuroi-raws.

cant download that picture, anyone can send it to me?
Scans(Vol 7)\9.png in [Yousei-raws] K-On (Vol 7) [BDrip 1920x1080 x264 Vorbis].torrent

Oh ,My God,Where is Vol.3??!!
Where is Vol.3??!!

Why the Vol.3 will be named Vol.2??

Пожалуйста, кто-то семена этого старый торрент...

no seed...

Seed K-On! please... It's my last wish before I die..