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Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch

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Hi, Thanks for this release.

Can I ask you to post the Eng Sub's download link here? ^_^

Thank you so much.

Guess I'll do it sometime.

Thank you. I'll be waiting for it. :D

Could you at least tell me when it's going to be? ^_^

No :3

Thank you so much for the releases! ;o)

In the batch from "Code Geass R2" are the scans from the covers and books. Is there any chance you will create this folder for the first season as well?

Thanks for the release!! ^^

I would like to know if you are going to create the scans folder of this season too??

Thanks you very much for this post ! The anime is reallye better than all the manga.

I have a question, i want the japanese subtitle (.Srt or other), somebody know where i can find them ?
Thanks you !

Thank Yousei~!But I'm so sorry to tell you that you miss some extra videos,such as the Urgent Navi News at Vol.1 and PVs at Vol.9.Would you pls ad them to this source~? ^_^

Since I'm going to rewatch these series now (including R2), I extracted subs from gg for Yousei's release.

Subs for: EP 1 - EP 25
Sub Group: gg
DL: English Subs for Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch (from gg)
Packer: 7zip - If winrar doesn't work, get 7zip for that, it's free an better anyways.

I didn't re-time these subs, gg already had the right timings for the blu-ray release. I already watched 2 episodes and checked on some others for the timings, they were all correct.

Once I finish watching the first season, I'll be doing the 2nd, that will take some time though. (Eventually some serious time, like 1 month or so). But I hope you can wait that long. (If anyone is still watching these series of course.) - Otherwise, do all the extraction and retiming stuff yourself, if you can't wait for me. :p

pls seed

really need seeders...currently at 99.3% T.T