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Touhou Kinema Kan ~Dai Ni Maku~

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domo!domo!!domo!!! arigaTouhou ^__^

Make a joint version please

I've never seen Touhou but I will download this anyway. Thanks for the release!

I have downloaded Mayoi Neko Overrun!, Baka to Test to Shōkanjū & Kaichō wa Maid-sama! & others too but mainly those recently i found out about Salender's CLANNAD rip trough a comment made by Yousei

Which am trying to add the additional audios to the mkv's of CLANNAD & for the other series of Yousei (Commentary's) but there's something that i don't like & not sure yet what to do first is this issue called Muxing mode: Header stripping (info links located at the bottom)

I have been seen a lot of people reporting this like an issue making videos unplayable even tough before i was trying to mux the CLANNAD episodes with the additional audios the videos won't play on my Media Player Classic HP (K-LITE Codec Pack recent release) even after muxing them with the audios nothing also Highschool of the Dead (Yousei) won't play but this ones that don't play on the PC play on my player just fine.

Now here's where i enjoy or play my anime collection (Player) Xtreamer Pro: which plays all mkv's just fine even with the compress headers which was fixed on the recent release firmware update:

So my question is i wanna add the Additonal Audios to CLANNAD & for the other series thanx to Yousei add the commentary tracks to the episodes but i see you guys are better at this type of things so any tips for muxing (settings in particular or anything to keep in mind) will help so far people said:

You can use the latest MKVToolnix 4.1.0 or later but you must use the extra options for video and audio and set compression to none. This will create an MKV file that will play correctly.

The version i have is 4.4.0

I also noticed this release Touhou Kinema Kan ~Dai Ni Maku~ has Muxing mode: Header stripping on the audio so as profesionals Yousei (Team) what you guys recommend me in order to add the audios & commentary's to the mkv's header compression or no compression?

Thanx a lot am really grateful for this releases that you guys made

Every week i watch anime XD with my Bose speakers man the sound & video quality are amazing just need to get a newer TV!!

PS: People also said this: You have to re-process the files to remove the header compression. This doesn't hurt the quality at all, and is a pretty fast operation.

Don't know if that's truth

Here's the links about this issue is actually 5 or 6 year old LOL but until this last summer was made enabled by default since version 4.1.0 of mkvtoolnix & later:


Complete explanation about the issue:

Xtreamer watch the animated menu:

I didn't find any contact link so excuse me for posting this message here.

Thanx Yousei (Team) looking forward for new releases!

Edit: Nevermind i disabled that option on the preferences of mkvtoolnix anyway i think my info could help you guys if any also i added the audios & commentary's to the episodes & everything is fine nothing changed on settings or anything yay!!

I know that this is not the place but it cannot be helped.

I had some energy blackouts and my HDD (WD1001FALS) had some bad sectors (about 50 to number). I repaired with HDD R* (10+). What i want to know if there is a program to verify *.mkv files for bad frame's.
Or if someone knows a forum page where i can find some help.

Yousei team Thanks.

Hello there look am not part of Yousei Team am just a user here.

This is the only tool i know to check MKV's for issues:

I hope that helps also if you can afford a second hard drive buy a spare one cause you never know many things could happend to a hard drive so is always good to count with a backup one also how many series or episodes you have on the hard drive?

Wish you the best at not having corrupted or bad mkv's which you shouldn't since when the partion/sector gets fixed should be back to normal is only bad when partions/sectors gets corrupted.

Edit: You welcome Maxin

Thanks for your help.