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Strike Witches Gekijouban

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[Yousei-raws] Strike Witches Gekijouban [BDrip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC].mkv (8.34 GB)


Thank you very much tonik! :D and nice poster

Gonna re-time and post English subs for this show once a group is done subbing this. See AniDB link for groups that are done subbing it. *downloads*

Here are Underwater subs

Sorry, I suddenly got some serious business to take care of, I weren't able to spent time on this movie. thanks Asian_InvAsian!

I got some time to spare in a few days, maybe even tomorrow. I could start with coalgirls subs (their subs are just a slight re-style of underwater-subs). But I always liked coalgirls (ever since Bakemonogatari re-styled subs), so I might post soon.

Alright I extracted the subs and got ready to work. To my surprise everything was already fitting right, less work for me. :D
Subs for: The Movie
Sub Group: Underwater (slightly re-styled by Coalgirls)

Download: English Subs for Strike Witches Gekijouban (from Underwater)

Packer: LZMA2 / 7zip - If winrar doesn't work, get 7zip for extracting, it's free an better anyways.


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Extract the .7z file next to the episodes and install fonts for the best viewing experience. Enable Auto-load subtitles and Prefer external subtitles over embedded subtitles in MPH-HC. Should you use an different media player, look for similar options, otherwise add the subs manually everytime you start an episode. (usually over file -> load subtitle)

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Should you need a good guide to set-up for the best viewing experience, that works with Auto-loading subs, check this guide out: MPC-HC Guide - I really recommend this guide.

Should you find heavy timing issues, please leave a comment below, I'll try my best to fix it.

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Thanks a lot! Really appreciate all the effort :)