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Darker than Black

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Wow!! Don't know that Yousei-raws did this series. It's so wonderful to get this.

Can you also provide English Subtitle, just like its season 2? Thanks. :D

i retimed sudo subs to fit this release

@lucidwolfe - Your link is dead.
I'm going to watch this series now, so expect me to post up English subs for this season, and season 2. I'm using Coalgirls Re-Styled sudo subs. Their timing isn't really fitting Yousei's release, especially after the opening scene, so I have to retime every episode. Gonna take a while. Expect subs being up tomorrow or today evening. (CEST)

So as promised, here are the subs for Darker than Black, translated by sudo, re-styled by Coalgirls, re-timed by me. ^_^

Subs for: EP 1 - EP 26
Sub Group: sudo
DL: English Subs for Darker than Black (from sudo)
Packer: 7zip - If winrar doesn't work, get 7zip for extracting, it's free an better anyways.

Extract the .7z file next to the episodes and install fonts for the best viewing experience. Enable Auto-load subtitles and Prefer external subtitles over embedded subtitles in MPH-HC. Should you use an different media player, look for similar options, otherwise add the subs manually everytime you start an episode. (usually over file -> load subtitle)

Media Player Guide:
Should you need a good guide to set-up for the best viewing experience, that works with Auto-loading subs, check this guide out: MPC-HC Guide - I really recommend this guide.

This show cost me 24 hours to finally finish with re-timing every episode. Yeah, I had to re-time every episode, and it got harder, since sub files were divided in opening, ending and episode. So I had to add opening and ending into the single episode file, time them right, adjust timing on the episode, so the opening and ending subs don't overlap and finish off with a quick check, to see if everything fits right. ~I'm so exhausted right now.

Should you find heavy re-timing issues, please leave a comment below, I'll try my best to fix it.

By the way: If you should use these subs, could you please leave a "thanks" below this comment? I just feel like I wasted time, if nobody even thanks me for my work. (Also because DropBox doesn't show me a download count.)

Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into re-timing the subs Hitomi-kun, it's greatly appreciated :)

Thanks man! I'll attach those subs to the orig. post w/ the credits ;)

Wow, thanks ravil! I didn't think I would get you to actually put them on top of the page. :D I'm going to do more, should I get interested in a show. (of course only when yousei doesn't already have subs for it.)