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Dance in the Vampire Bund

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Subtitles including shitty translated blu-ray only scenes (not by Yuurisan of course).


Thanks for all these awesome releases! If it weren't for my new 2TB external(My other 1.5TB external is packed with blu-rays) I would be scared lol. Thanks!

I see you added the subs, Thanks so much!

You really are amazing guys, this is a paradise, so many animes in 1080p. Well I just hope that I don't come too late for the donwloads, hope there will be seeds enough.
Really thank you for the hard work and I hope I will see more BD anime on the site. Yu Yu Hakusho or Dragon Ball Kai would be great. I have to buy a new harddisc now, I don't think I had enough with my 1TB. Keep going and if there is anyting I can do, I would glad to help. (Sorry for my bad English, I'm french)
See ya...

EDT: Oh yeah, it is a great idea to give us also the Blu-ray scan, you're perfect guys.

>> Yu Yu Hakusho or Dragon Ball Kai would be great.
We are not going to rip anime which have 35mm film source. I suggest you to download original BDMV.

Ok thanks for the info (really quick I must say)
Bah no prob', I'm already happy with all of this, keep going guys, really, you're doing a magnificent job.

The intermission have subs?

May I ask why did you use 15.0Mbps for episode 2?

Thank you Yousei ~

forever !!

10bit encode or just rev for subtitles ?

10-bit encode! I see it on every pixel!